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Why Massage?


Therapeutic massage has been practiced, in various forms, for thousands of years. Many people experience for themselves, the numerous physical & emotional benefits of massage therapy but overlook these benefits for their canine friends. Dogs share many of the same physical (and sometimes emotional) stresses that we do and therefore will appreciate the same benefits of massage that we enjoy. Here are just a few of the benefits your canine friend can enjoy from massage therapy:

*Increased relaxation & reduction of stress.

*Increased flexibility of soft tissue

*Improvement in athletic performance 

*Maintenance of good posture & balance

*Reduction of edema (swelling)

*Reduction of post-surgery/injury recovery time

*Reduction of pain from arthritis/Dysplasia 

*Enhancement of waste & toxin elimination


You'll Feel Great Too!

You love your dog and want to see him/her happy. When you invest in regular massage sessions, you're not only supporting their current well-being, you're ensuring the best future life for them. Adding massage therapy sessions to your existing health/maintenance routine for your dog can help delay the onset of age related issues and pain/discomfort. Regular massage sessions can keep your furry friend happier & healthier longer.


How I got Started


30 years ago I discovered the benefits of massage to ease tired, sore or stiff muscles from sports or injuries. I studied anatomy as well as acupressure and reflexology. Ten years later, I was blessed with two beautiful Rottweiler pups. It seemed logical to practice massage on them as they grew up to help prevent or heal injury and ease any growing pains. I applied human massage techniques but studied the canine anatomy. As my dogs aged and eventually developed arthritis and some hip dysplasia, I witnessed the great power of comfort from massage. Massage on Ajax’s elbows or Astro’s hips would relieve pain and stiffness and help them to enjoy playing or going for a walk. After my special friends went to Rainbow Bridge, I started volunteering at a pro-humane shelter in Seal Beach (Seal Beach Animal Care Center). The dogs respond very well to massage; it helps calm the nervous or scared ones and helps relieve pain and restore movement/flexibility to the ones suffering from arthritis/dysplasia. To help even more dogs, I completed formal education and received my Certified Canine Massage Therapist certificate and have started a business of canine massage.

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